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~ Psychotherapy, neuroscience and meditation

~ Practical Mindfulness Techniques
for health professionals

~ Healing through presence and
regulation of the nervous system

The training courses are experiential workshops for psychotherapists interested in
Incorporate new techniques and knowledge to your work. Each workshop is an invitation to
perform personal work and deepen the therapeutic presence, understanding that the ability to
Being authentic makes us more effective professionals. At the same time, we learn new theories
psychological insights based on recent neuroscience and brain plasticity studies.
We use demonstrations, exercises, and experiential experiences to learn how to apply these discoveries to psychological work with individual patients and couples.

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BOOK: The Children in the Middle

“Children facing the divorce of their parents, a decision
in which they do not participate, but which modifies their lives.
The authors, mother and daughter, explain through dialogues,
personal confessions and real cases how and when
Communicate the decision to the children. Don't say "we"
we separate” and then see what happens. "Being right is
useless in the field of feelings. the important thing
is knowing what to do with what we have to live with, and finding
paths to a real possibility of change”.
Ana Tempelsman and Silvia Salinas have achieved a book
smart and easy to read; show that it is not
necessary to be tragic to talk about issues
deep, and teach parents to live divorce without
forget the children in the middle."

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BOOK: The Children in the Middle

"A meeting of two mother-daughter authors gives voice to children and parents to help them through the bitter pill of divorce. A divorced mother and a daughter of separated parents explore the paths of emotional health for children after the end of divorce. marriage. This book is intended for parents who are separating or who have already separated and who want to help their children cope with this complex situation. It is a practical work written with clarity and sensitivity. The authors, mother and daughter, reflect about how to handle divorce and the need to avoid the additional suffering that this process usually brings.Through a pleasant and direct style in which we find the same dialogues, personal confessions and real cases, Silvia Salinas and Ana Tempelsman give us an invaluable tool that tells us about How to announce separation to children The way in which  Divorce affects them according to their age. Ideas to help children and adolescents through the mourning of separation. How to maintain proper communication in the family. The importance of the emotional presence of parents. The value of maintaining a good relationship with the former partner.

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an approachsomaticfor
work withsexual trauma

  • Spanish magazine "Mente Sana"

  • The children in the middle

  • Living with teenage children

  • Respect the needs of children

  • Children in couple conflicts

  • communication with children

  • physical presence and emotional presence

  • Children and fights between parents

  • responsibilities and needs


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